The entry form for the Women's Tournament is up and ready to be filled out.  Because we are bowling on the base this year there is a special form that must be filled out, it is on the website.

Ladies remember the deadline for signing up for the tournament.  It will be difficult to sign up at the tournament because it is on base.


Calendar for the new season 14-15


December 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

January 2015

10th & 11th Board Meeting-????????

March 2015

7th&8th Women's Tournament-Alamogordo
14th&15th Women's Tournament-Alamogordo
21st &22nd Women's Tournament-Alamogordo

April 2015

11th & 12th Youth and Pepsi Tournament (to run simultaneously) Albuquerque
18th & 19th Youth and Pepsi Tournament (to run simultaneously) Albuquerque

May 2015

2nd & 3rd Open Tournament- Espanola
9th & 10th Open Tournament-Espanola
16th & 17th Open Tournament-Espanola

June 2015

27th Coaching Clinic????????

28th Annual Meeting

New Mexico USBC Board



  • Barb Sonnier

1st Vice President

  • Linda Harper

2nd Vice President

  • Gene Rayhart

Central Directors

  • Mary Meyer,
  • Rick Meyer,
  • Mark Van Meter

Northern Directors

  • Terry Addison
  • Connie Journey
  • Curtis Dean
  • Nancy Dean,
  • Trish McClain
  • Walt Nolting,

Southern Directors

  • Tony Bender,
  • Chris Jenkins,
  • Fred Jenkins,
  • Charlie Powell,
  • Melody Rayhart,
  • Annette Wootton

Youth Directors

  • Brian Casaus,
  • Tammy Casaus,
  • Lucy Delmore
  • Cassidy O Connor
  • Ann Romero

Association Manager

  • Ann Romero

Tournament Manager

  • Melody Rayhart